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Ongoing Initiatives of the Support Committee

Schedule of Meetings and Events

On behalf of the Support Committee, welcome to the 2021/22 Corps Training Year. Any parent or guardian who is interested in joining the Support Committee, or simply would like information on what we do, is encouraged to speak with us or a Corps Officer during any Thursday parade night or simply drop by during one of our scheduled meetings.

Unless otherwise noted the Committee Executive holds a general meeting on the 3rd  Tuesday of each month (Sept - May) at 7 pm at the Cadet building (Milton Fairgrounds).  Additional meetings may also be held at alternate locations including the Milton Legion.  These meetings are open to interested parents to discuss fundraising and other issues.  Topics such as recruitment of new cadets and volunteers, planning for fundraising activities and purchase of items to support the Cadet program are discussed.  

NOTICE:  Regular meetings have been postponed until further notice due to ongoing COVID restrictions.  

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Support Committee

Charged with recruiting, fundraising and other administrative tasks, the Support Committee under current Chair Sameer Kapar works to ensure the 2990 functions smoothly leaving the Officers free to concentrate on delivery of the cadet program. We welcome your input and are always looking for volunteers to help with the many initiatives and projects that are underway. If you are interested in contributing, we can make use of your skills.

 Milton Legion Cadet Representative Mr. Bob Elliott presenting a donation to the Corps at the 2019 December Mess Dinner.

From left to right: (previous) RSM M. Tessier, Capt D.J. Fimio, Mr. B. Elliott and Committee Chair Mr. Sameer Kapar.