2990 Lorne Scots RCACC

Milton Army Cadets

 RC(ArmyMilton Army Cadets


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Support Committee and Parent Volunteers.

2990 Officers and Civilian Staff

Major D.J. (Dave) Fimio, CD
Commanding Officer (CO)

Capt Satish Tarachandra, CD Corps Adjutant

 Capt Lana Durham, CD  Administration Officer

Lt James De Dieu, CD   Supply Officer  

Lt Lou Smeyers  Deputy CO Training Officer

2990 Staff - Company Responsibilities


#1 (Recruit) Platoon

  Capt Durham & WO L. Roettger

Administration Sergeant Major

MWO M. Quranda

#2 Platoon

OCdt Kallasmaa & WO S. Asif  

Training Sergeant Major

 MWO C. MacDonald

#3 Platoon

OCdt Sample & WO M. Khan

Quarter Master Staff

  MWO D. Chorlton and       WO J. Bhandal

IT Support

CV W. Bressette  

Flag Party / Drill Team Coach

  CV R. Devlin  

Milton Company Cadet Command Team

Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM)

Master Warrant Officer (MWO)

C. Rancourt

Cadet Company Sergeant Major (CSM)

Master Warrant Officer (MWO)

I. Castelino

Cadet Company Drill Sergeant Major (DSM)

Master Warrant Officer (MWO)

R. Santhosh-Babu

Support Committee

CI Joe Murphy, CD Assistant Training Officer

  CV Ryan Devlin     Training & Admin Support

 OCt D. Sample Training Staff

OCdt Mihkel Kallasmaa Company Quartermaster Admin Clerk