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M107.2 Rank Structure          Rifle Drill Manual          National Star of Excellence        Master Cadet Log Book


         2990 Cadet/Recruit Handbook          CTC Summer Training          Pace Stick and Cane Drill       Rank Badges CAF


Uniform and Related Information

NEW CJRC (Cadet) Dress Instructions - Attached Document Refers.


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Items of Interest:

Do you have the new 2990 Shoulder Badge?  Do you have the Correct Star Level or other badges? If not, go to Supply.  Are you aware of the proper placement of badges on the uniform tunic?  Do you know the correct way way to wear your FTU or care for your new boots? See Staff or your Star Instructor for this information.  

Interested in Summer Camp or other Training Opportunities - Check this link

Cadet Air Rifle Training Videos

            Range Instructions:

            Range Commands:

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Sample Instructional Videos:

                Star Levels and Ranks (w/music)                     Shaping or Forming a New Beret                              How to Make Knots                     

Green Star Red Star Silver Star Gold Star Master Cadet Green Star Red Star Silver Star Gold Star Master Cadet NSE Cadet Manual CCO NET WEB Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Summer Opportunities Cadet Handbook Cadet Rifle Drill


Green Star Rank IG M/C Log Book Cadet Marksmanship Videos - 22 Pace Stick Drill Rank Insignia CAF Range Safety Orders Cadet Dress Instructions Placement of Badges CTC Badges Personal Appearance Religious Accommodation Other / Accoutrements Orders of Dress Cadet Learning Portal Summer Training Info