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Hints, Tips, Suggestions & Important Notices

Notice:  Cadets.  Has your email or telephone contact information changed?  Are you receiving the weekly updates?  Advise your Platoon Commander of any changes or problems AND advise the Corps by either using our “Contact Us” page or emailing the Commanding Officer direct at: brentcross@bronkos.com. General inquiries can be sent to: info.miltonarmycadets@gmail.com.

Silver / Gold Star Training Announcements:    Silver & Gold Star ZET 19-21 October  

Special Activities / Permission Forms:     Spring Tagging (fundraising) Weekend September 28 to 30.  Mandatory                                                                            event for all cadets.


Youth Initiatives: The Corps promotes Positive Social Relations for Youth (PSRY) and any cadet may speak with a Senior or a Staff Member on any issue of concern to them.  The Corps also supports the activities and goals of the Kids Help Phone and the Stop A Bully program.  Any youth who needs to reach out for help in an anonymous or confidential manner may call 1-800-668-6868 .  Click on the following button(s) for more information.

Unable to Attend Training?:  If you are unable to to attend a Parade Night, Weekend or other Scheduled Activity you MUST call the cadet office at 905-876-1803 and leave a clear and detailed message (including your name) explaining why you are unable to attend.  Do Not call or email any other Staff Member or Senior Cadet. By calling and leaving a message you may be marked as “Excused” rather than “Absent”.  Being “Excused” will not effect your opportunities for Promotion, Star Level advancement, camp selection, or Parade and Special Teams selection.

Training Note:  In order to qualify for summer camps, exchanges, promotion, or specialized training it is important you attend the majority of the scheduled training nights as well as certain mandatory events. It is strongly recommended you review Star Level classes before a training night. *Check the website and review your lessons before each training night*

Uniforms:  The care and proper wearing of the cadet uniform (DEU or new FTU) is YOUR responsibility.  Get permission to see the Supply Officer on a Training Night for new or exchange of uniform item. Go to “Kit-Shop” for information on the new Field Training Uniform (FTU).

Cadets - Check the Resource Page for Training Information and Videos.

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