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Notice:  Cadets.  Has your address, email or telephone contact information changed?  Are you receiving the weekly updates?  Advise your Platoon Commander of any changes or problems AND advise the Corps AdminO either in person or email to info.miltonarmycadets@gmail.com.

Silver / Gold Star Training Announcements:     


Special Activities / Permission Forms:     Bowling Night November 22nd.  Boxing Club Visit December 4th. Winter FTX                                                                          January 5/6, 2019.

Unable to Attend Training?: If a Cadet is to be absent on a Thursday Parade Night then he/she must call the Corps Office (LHQ) at 905-876-1803 and leave a detailed message explaining the absence and request to be excused.  If a Cadet is requesting to be excused from a Mandatory Event then a Parent/Guardian must contact the Commanding Officer prior to the event, either by phone or email, with the request. If the request involves a Corps Weekend or Special Weekday Activity and deals with an issue such as late arrival or last minute cancellation due to illness, the Commanding Office should be contacted by email as Staff may not be available at the LHQ office to take phone calls.

Youth Initiatives: The Corps promotes Positive Social Relations for Youth (PSRY) and any cadet may speak with a Senior or a Staff Member on any issue of concern to them.  The Corps also supports the activities and goals of the Kids Help Phone and the Stop A Bully program.  Any youth who needs to reach out for help in an anonymous or confidential manner may call 1-800-668-6868 .  Click on the following button(s) for more information.

Training Note:  In order to qualify for summer camps, exchanges, promotion, or specialized training it is important you attend the majority of the scheduled training nights as well as certain mandatory events. It is strongly recommended you review Star Level classes before a training night. *Check the website and review your lessons before each training night*

Uniforms:  The care and proper wearing of the cadet uniform (DEU or new FTU) is YOUR responsibility.  Get permission to see the Supply Officer on a Training Night for new or exchange of uniform item. Go to “Kit-Shop” for information on the new Field Training Uniform (FTU).

Cadets - Check the Resource Page for Training Information and Videos.

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