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Support Committee and Parent Volunteers.

2990 Officers and Civilian Staff

Captain Brent Cross, CD
Commanding Officer

Capt Peter Cranley CD Deputy Commanding Officer

Capt Satish Tarachandra CD Supply officer

 Lt Lana Durham  Training Officer

2Lt Carolyn Anstey Administration Officer

CI Steve Semenchuk (CIC Rtd) Training Staff

  CI Ryan Devlin     Assistant Supply Officer

CI Julianne Magalona   Training Staff

CI Angela Orilleneda        Training Staff        

2990 Staff - Training Responsibilities


Green Star:

Lt Durham

Red Star:

Capt Cranley

Silver Star:

CI Semenchuk

Gold Star:

Capt Tarachandra

Master Cadet


Capt Cranley

Duke of Edinburgh

Awards Program:

2Lt Anstey

Camp / Expedition Officer:

Lt Durham

Flag Party / Rifle Drill Coach:

CI Devlin

Range Officer / Air Rifle Team Coach:

CI Semenchuk

Cadet Regimental Seargeant Major (RSM)

Corps Co-RSM’s Cadet WO E. Carpio and Cadet WO G. DeStasio

Cadet Senior Staff

“To Be Announced”

Support Committee